Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Headstones Hate Teenage City Employees

While taking photos of tombstones to post on Find-a-grave, I'm finding a LOT of old tombstones that have been damaged or broken off by teenagers driving city-owned lawnmowers. The damage is appalling.

The stone I’d seen in the fall now looked like this:


By mid-December the surviving top half of the 120-old-stone  had been “replanted” by city employees.


Quickly scanning my photos, I found many more examples of wanton destruction by the “summer teens” that had been hired to mow the lawns in the city cemetery.


Shaved edges


Not just shaved but gouged


Even the top corner was broken


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  1. Sad to say, I am finding similar damage at many of the cemeteries I visit.

  2. Grrr. This is a problem everywhere and it's not just teens who do it. I wish there was awareness on this topic.

  3. Even worse is a pile of stones because they were "in the way".


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