Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lion Gardiner’s Tombstone

Lion Gardiner, famous for his work in settling the Hampton’s is memorialized in the South End Cemetery, East Hampton, New York.  His tomb is a delight to behold.

Lion Gardiner Tomb

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family History Researcher's Dream Headstone

Great planning by this family.  It is obvious that they are family history researchers that have added their lineage to the back of their tombstone.

Tombstone Pedigree

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tattersall – Topping Family Memorial

Family members of the Tattersall and Topping families are listed on this memorial in the American Fork, Utah Cemetery.
Tattersall Topping family memorial

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lehi City Cemetery Utah

Established in the mid-1850’s, the Lehi City Cemetery is larger than 30 acres. Over 12,000 burials have taken place in it.

The cemetery layout can be clearly seen In this screen capture from Google Maps.  Click on the image to see the map on Google.
Lehi City has posted a full map of the cemetery and listings of the current burials with the grave coordinates on their site for download.

Visitors are greeted with ‘Welcome’ upon entry into the cemetery from the south gate.  Click to enlarge photos.
Lehi City Cemetery Sign

Also located near the south gate entry is a gazebo that houses a map of the cemetery and a list of burials by name and cross-referenced to coordinates on the map.
Lehi Cemetery gazebo

The map is large, but you’ll still need to look closely to read the writing due to the size of the cemetery.  North is at the top.  A book listing the burials is on a stand in front of the map.
Lehi City Cemetery map

Immediately to the north of the gazebo is a monument dedicated in remembrance of all those buried there.
Lehi City Cemetery statue

Below are various views of the cemetery.
Looking north from the west side of the cemetery just above the south east-west road.
Lehi Cemetery Utah view

In the north west section looking west – southwest.  Samuel and Linda Hammer tombstone in the foreground for reference.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 10

From the same location looking south west.
Lehi Utah cemetery 11

West side above the east-west road looking toward the ‘Saddle’ above Alpine to the north east.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 2

From the same location looking slightly farther south toward American Fork Canyon.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 3

From the north west quarter of the cemetery looking south east.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 4

From the same location looking slightly more easterly toward the intersection of the west road and the third east-west road north of the south entry.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 5

From the same location looking due east.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 6

Again from the same location looking slightly north east toward American Fork Canyon.  See canyon photos here and here.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 7

Yet again from the same location looking toward the north west corner of the cemetery.  If you have downloaded the city burial list, the closest tombstone in this photo is that of William Ball and his wife.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 8

From the same location looking due west.
Lehi Utah Cemetery 9

I have posted all of the tombstone photos that I’ve taken in the cemetery on Find-a-grave.

The majority of the burial records can also be found on the State of Utah – Cemetery and Burials Database site.

Ancestral Graves - California

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