Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sorrow, Love, Poverty

Poignant stories are written in the tombstones in every cemetery. 

A young mothers love and deeply caring memory is recorded. 

Someone is considered a saint when they do something good for someone else or make someone's life happier.  Someone who does all of this subconsciously and without knowing it, is an Angel.  Families Are Forever.

Honey Denise Jessica headstone back


A baby is born into a family struggling with financial difficulty.  He was born and died the same day .  His father couldn’t pay for a tombstone but found a small piece of metal and hand-stamped the words to memorialize the lost son.

In Memory of Frank Edward Lee
Born Oct. 11, 1950
Died Oct. 11, 1950
Son of Francis C. & Hazel S. Lee

Lee Frank Edward headstone

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  1. This is part of my motivation for documenting headstones and uploading pictures to Find-a-Grave. Not all grave markers are written in stone, so to speak, and I want to make sure the person is remembered. Thank you for doing the same by sharing this metal memorial.


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